Welcome to Ezer Leyoldos

Ezer Leyoldos aims to promote stability and security among families in need, giving children a better future. We aim to relieve difficulties, prevent problems developing and restore stability to troubled families.

Ezer Leyoldos is commissioned by the London Borough of Hackney to provide services to ‘Children in Need’ in the orthodox Jewish community. Our work with them has been described in a recent pilot inspection by OFSTED as ‘a model of good practice from a multi agency approach’

Our Vision:

A community where families are secure, functioning units, and families in need have immediate access to culturally appropriate services.

Ezer Leyoldos’ Aims and Objectives:

• Provide support to families with short-term difficulties, particularly after the birth of a baby.

• Enable families with ongoing difficulties to function effectively

• Educate and empower parents by teaching home management and parenting skills.

• Provide support to families in order to keep children safe and healthy.

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